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Drive Point Style
A special cup section supplied on the end of the threaded member having a depression in the end to reduce the area in contact with the surface, which increases its holding and locking power under pressure.
Gimlet Point
A gimlet point is a threaded cone point usually having a point angle of 45 to 50 degrees. It is used on thread forming screws such as Type "AB" sheet metal screws, wood screws and lag screws.
Plain Sheared End
The ends of a fastener cut approximately flat and square to the axis, without chamfer.
Self Drilling - Drill Point
With special drilling points-lengths-diameters that will drill through ?" metal. Eliminates all hole preparation - drills faster than a drill. No punching, drilling or tapping required. Reduces die costs.
Self Drilling - Pierce Point
Produces more secure sheet metal assemblies faster…used as self-drilling screw or driving thru pre-punched holes. Can be used with or without pilot holes. Positive rake "forward cutting edge" drills straight thru sheet metal at peak speed. Perfectly mated threads increase strip and back out pressures.
Type - 17
A thread cutting screw for wood with a coarse tapping screw thread and a special long sharp point fluted to capture chips.
Type - 23
A thread cutting screw in the fine thread series offering maximum thread cutting area and excellent chip clearing, with minimum tightening torque.
Type - A
A thread forming screw for use in thin metal .015 to .50 thick. Used with drill, punched or nested holes in sheet metal, resin impregnated plywood, asbestos combinations, among others.
Type - AB
A thread forming screw combining locating type point of Type A with larger root diameter and finer thread pitch for light and heavy sheet metal, nonferrous castings, plastics, impregnated plywood, asbestos combinations, and other materials.





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