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Platings & Material
Platings & Finishes
Brass Plated
Dull to bright yellow decorative appearance. Excellent rust protection.
Galvanizing is the process of coating iron or steel with zinc - originally by using direct current and a zinc anode. Increased rust resistance over typical zinc plating.
Nickel Plated
Nickel has more of a silver color to it than zinc and has similar corrosion resistant characteristics. It is the standard finish of cap nuts and countersunk finishing washers.
Zinc Plated
Electro-galvanizing is the process of coating metal with zinc by electrodeposition. Minimal rust resistance.
Alloy steel is a steel containing elements other than carbon which have been added to obtain definite mechanical or physical properties, such as higher strength at elevated temperatures, toughness, etc.
The most abundant metal in the earth, aluminum is blueish and silvery-white, very light, malleable, and ductile with high heat and electrical conductivity. It is non-magnetic and one-third the weight of steel with good corrosion resistance against certain chemicals and acids but weak resistance against other elements such as sea water.
A metal added to 300 series stainless to provide corrosion resistance, increased strength in both high and low temperatures, and increased toughness in low temperatures. Nickel lowers the effects of work hardening, thus reducing traces of magnetism caused by cold forming and making material flow more freely in manufacturing.
Strength properties, particularly its ability to be torqued are good. It is tough, has good resistance to creep and fatigue, and it has excellent elasticity and resiliency to rebound to its original shape following deformation. Nylon is reasonably impervious to corrosive attack by most chemical solvents and it is self-extinguishing if set afire.
Solid Brass
The most common alloy of copper, brass is basically two-thirds copper, one-third zinc. It is non-magnetic with good strength and toughness, high electrical conductivity, and an attractive lustrous finish. It has good corrosion resistance but not in salt water. Brass is commonly used by the electrical and communications industries, builders hardware, and some marine applications.
Stainless Steel
A highly corrosive resistant fastener, commonly used in wet environments.
Low carbon or heat treated.





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